Sidney Steps Out

Editor’s Note, April 1, 2013: This was a dumb ass post we did a couple season ago. It’s no longer seems appropriate.

Crosby’s Announcement Roils the NHL

We’ve been flooded with interview requests since breaking the news last night that Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby has officially came out of the closet and announced he’s gay.

“It’s true, I’m totes gay,” said the young Pens captain.  “This is something I’ve wanted to say for a very long time, but was never quite sure how,” Crosby told us in an exclusive PuckBuddys interview.

Hockey fans in Pittsburgh and across the nation are still in shock – – although not completely surprised – by the star center’s decision to come out publicly, becoming the first NHL player to admit to being homosexual. Since being the 1st overall pick in 2005, the 23-year-old Crosby has been one of the league’s top players, seen by some as a catalyst to reviving interest in the sport.

“Look, I’m no different today than I was yesterday.  I’m still the same Sidney.  It’s not like gay guys don’t play hockey,” he told us in a sit-down interview.  “You wouldn’t believe how many other guys out there book-marked your site.  I made a few phone calls to some pals around the league to share the news, and I’m very appreciative of Alex Ovechkin’s support.  I could hear the other Alex, Semin, in the background yammering something in Russian, but I had no idea what he was saying.  Tigersemin something, I think.”

Crosby admitted that there are conservative pockets and business interests in the NHL who will likely not be happy to see their star heart-throb admit to being gay.  Canadian commentator Don Cherry was among the first to express dismay.  “You’re going to say ‘what about other kids?'” said the pugnacious Cherry, suggesting hockey might need fewer gays and more fighting.

(Earlier this year, a DNS attack was launched against PuckBuddys.  It was rumored at the time that Cherry might be behind the attack; we can only confirm a large amount of incoming traffic from the CBC.)

Sidney Crosby gets support from fellow Pen Kris Letang

In our wide-ranging interview, Sidney Crosby discussed the difficulties of keeping his secret, the reaction of his team-mates, and working with Pens coach Dan Byslma.  “I love Dan as a coach, and he’s been nothing but supportive.” he said.  “But his fashion sense?  Oh my God, it’s just tragic.”

Referring to the concussion that has kept him sidelined since early January, Crosby said, “Sometimes it takes a shot to the head to start thinking straight… I mean more clearly.  Looking back, I thank Dave Steckel for helping me get to where I needed to be.  And by the way; it was a clean hit.”

For now, Crosby and his teammates will be adjusting to the news.  There’s no word on how his corporate endorsements may be impacted but his agent has already fielded inquiries from a number of companies. We still await comment from League officials.

We’ll be publishing our full interview transcripts soon.

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9 Responses to Sidney Steps Out

  1. erraticdawn says:


    wait, do you really want sid the kid to play for your team? He sure does have pretty lips… ;)

  2. Michael from Pittsburgh says:

    LOL, you only can wish!

  3. Mark says:

    If Dan Snyder were Sidney Crosby, he’d be slapping a lawsuit on you quicker than you can say Skins Win Another Super Bowl.

  4. joe says:

    ha,ha that was great schtick definatly lol’d keep up the good work boys!

  5. rob says:

    HAHAHAHAHA :) u had me believin it until you had crysbitch say stecks hit was clean

  6. Sammi says:

    So this isn’t real? :/ Thank god, my mother would be pissed off.

  7. Lance says:

    Sidney lives in Sewickley and is very visible in the village. He eats lunch several days weekly at the bistro and dinner at the cafe. Always he is by himself. Never has he had a visible gf. He is a very private person as relationships go. Money down he is indeed gay. But it makes no difference as he is the best player on the ice. But who wouldn’t want to kiss his amazing lips and pretty face or get a piece of his amazing bubble ass.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks for that, Lance. That April Fools Day post was silly and we’ve thought about deleting it. We respect the guy, especially after the past two Caps – Pens games.

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