Tough Stuff

And Still Handsome

Stud Pup Matthieu Perrault appears to be healing pretty well after the cheap-shot bashing he got from the Canes’ Tim Gleason Sunday night.  MP and others talked with CapsTV guy Mike Vogel this morning about Pittsburgh travel plans and the Winter Classic.  Poor guys – they’ve got to spend two entire days in that city.

Here’s Gregg Forwerk’s pic of Sunday night’s drive-by shooting:  BTW: When do we play those thugs again?

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3 Responses to Tough Stuff

  1. Heather says:

    Anyone who thinks that was a cheap shot by Gleason knows absolutely nothing about hockey. You’ve already discredited yourselves as another worthless bunch of Caps homers with this garbage. That was a solid, clean hit and it was simply unfortunate circumstances that led to the injury on Perrault. Fact is, he raised his stick when the hit was delivered. That stick then smashed his visor. His visor then cut his face. If anything, Perrault is at fault for raising his stick to try and block the hit. Bottom line.

  2. Craig says:

    Heather: Thanks for visiting. Gleason got a 5 minute major and Mathieu looked like he walked/skated off the set of a Peckinpah film, leaving a 9th red dot on the ice.

    Last night one of the USA Junior hotties got slammed into the bench by two Canadians and no whistle. I guess they’re all 20 MPH judgment calls, but when it happens to a Cap, it’s a simple call for us.

    PS: We haven’t even begun to discredit ourselves. The night is still young.

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