Celebrate At Your Peril

New Year’s Eve is No Late Night for Our Boys

Craig Laughlin, sporting 18 for the Capital in his salad days

First off, the Alumni (“Old Dudes”) game wrapped at an admirable 5-5.  A number of our favorite former Caps saw a little action, although we were just a bit disappointed that Craig Laughlin was unable to get the biscuit between the pipes.  Joe B better give him s**t about that.

Although the NHL channel screwed up by NOT airing the game, you can find all the days action streamed live here.   The Caps are slated to hit the ice later this afternoon; the Penguins already fouled the rink up with their practice, so the Zambonis will need a little extra time.

Sure the weather could suck tomorrow, but Coach Boudreau seems intent on keeping out men focused.  “If I have to say anything to players on New Year’s Eve, they’re in the wrong business,” Boudreau is quoted today in the Post’s Caps Insider.  “Of course young guys want to go out, but this is a 1 o’clock game the next day and it’s the most important game for hockey this side of the playoffs.  If they’re out, I would be extremely disappointed.”

We think he means it.  As for the Penguins, go party your rocks off.

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