Winter Classic: Classic Win

Intercourse the Bloody Penguin!

A lot of ink will be spilled on the react to the game, from far smarter puckheads than us, but a few choice moments stood out from a very memorable evening:

Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post

We would’ve loved to have hung with Locher for the game. 

The network guys couldn’t lay enough hate on Ovechkin while they did whatever they could to beatify the not-so-great 87. 

The overarching storyline of Saint Sidney and flailing Alex was spoiled.  Pity.

Pens got two crybabies?

Jamie Sabau/Getty

Was Mike Rupp left begging for his life after John Erskine boxed his ears?  Erskine bouncing back to his feet in that dust-up was amazing.  Was he ever a figure skater? 

You knew a fight was coming at some point and he would have a claim to it. We heart #4, his handlebar and his fists o’ fury.

Jason’s near-miss was a heartbreaker and so was Alex’s pas de deux avec Fleury wash out.  Sidney’s waved off goal made us giddy, his aborted celebration and then the sads.

Knuble’s triumph on the PP gave us that funny feeling in our pants again. 

For a guy who could have qualified for Friday’s old-timer game, he was rock-solid and ripshit. Love.  Total class act and talk about a Puck Daddy…

How great was Varly?  So proud.  We totally love us some Neuvirth, big time, sometimes a little too much, but Varly… wow.  They should give out two hardhats.

We need a pic of Eric in his.  Alex and he looked absolutely spent during the post-game presser.

Heartwarming to hear Alex describe the crowd, overwhelmingly stocked with Pentards, but scattered clusters of Caps fans, a thousand here, a thousand there. 

Alex mentioning national anthem, heard the shouts of “RED” and “O” made it down to the ice.  Never ever underestimate the value of screaming yourself hoarse.  

Who bought the douche hat for Bylsma?   A gag Christmas gift? 

“Look at me – I’m Bear Bryant. But without the charm.”  

While Mr. Personality was typically robotic in the post-game presser, Sidney however was catatonic.

Was Supercoach or any of the other Pens asked why they didn’t do the hand shake after the game?  They afraid that Erskine could still go rogue again? 

Let’s Go Caps. Get some rest. You made us proud. Again.

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1 Response to Winter Classic: Classic Win

  1. Paul in N.AL says:

    Those hats the coaches wore looked like hats in Germany. All they needed was a little brush.

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