Abolt Last Night

It’s about men and men and powerplays and lame fights and sloppy passes at the line and  guys trying and better defense and

Something old, something new - Getty Images

We’re used to the boys coming out a little…slower…at the top of the first, and Tampa was more than happy to step up, testing Varly against some of their better shooters. 

Still, we’ve seen this before.  As long as Varly keeps it in his cub and we bringing pressure, things often turn around.

Turn around they did as the Caps definitely picked up the pace coming into the second stanza, taking several early shelling runs at Dwayne Roloson (still in his Islanders helmet?…accessorize, Miss Thing.) Still, the guy looked totally solid in the crease.  Maybe age has its advantages…perhaps just not the age of Nassau Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum might be good.

Trading punches was relatively limited this time out, but trading insults was not.  An aborted fight between Matt Hendrinks and Steve Downie quickly spilled over into the sin bins, the two delivering a string of verbal bitchslaps.  Geez, we haven’t seen two men shouting at each other like that since…well, never mind.

As usual Ovie was gang-rushed on the boards several times, proving that clearing a way out of coverage for him is going to be important in the coming weeks.  Sasha and Mojo had several good runs,  but as we’re getting used to, they just couldn’t get to a happy end.  We here there are doctors out there who are miracle workers, lemme tell ya….

Still, hey, a loss after just one shot in overtime?  Nothing to feel bad about. And we got to welcome back the best team working in the hockey booth today: Joe B. and Lacher.  Put up against “the best” NBC had to offer for the Winter Classic, Joe, Criag and Al schooled ’em last night.

Oh hey, today – Jan. 5th – is Mathieu Perreault’s 23th birthday, you Capricorn you:

“There’s nothing to worry about right now, so if you’ve been eyeing this date on your calendar with some trepidation, there’s no reason to continue.  Run into life without hesitation, and you’ll escape the extra stress.”

Looking forward, Stamkos and his bunch travel up to Iron City today to play the Pens at 7p.  What’s worse?  Having the team over you in Division standings win over the Pens, or having the Pens defeat the team that’s over you in division standings?

We recommend just getting Chicago-style hot dogs and beer and watching the end to 24/7.  At least we know there’ll be lots a toys for all us girls and boys under that tree.

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