Bird Is The Word

Wave that Flag 

Our heartfelt thanks to Caps team mascot Slapshot and the entire front office for the warm and gracious welcome they extended to the PuckBuddys.  Seen here at last night’s game before the player intros, our feathered friend lets his freak flag fly.

This kind gesture was rather surprising considering a somewhat awkward run-in we had with Slapshot a while back @ Verizon.  He was his usual playful and animated self, mugging and hamming it up for the fans on the concourse before puck drop.  I pushed a few 10 year-olds out of the way to get my picture taken with him (her?):  “Hey Screech — Over here!” 

Ever see a team mascot mime “Loser?” (He doesn’t like having his beak yanked either).

Let’s Gay Go Caps !

Editor’s note: This will be the last we see of the Rainbow. Only red and white matter.

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Proudly serving gay hockey fans and players since 2010
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2 Responses to Bird Is The Word

  1. Doug says:

    LOLz! Slapshot is totally inclusive…if overly caffeinated. Love the Eagle! He’s very comfortable with his eagle-ality.

  2. Capster says:

    Red riot. Keep it up.

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