“Pricks…  Shittsburgh… Fuck ’em all.”   

This Bud's for you and you and you...

In a city known for manufactured and focus-grouped soundbytes, 24/7 was on beyond refreshing. 

Bourdreau 2012?  Why the F not?

The final episode demands another screening or three just to soak up some of the more subtle nuance*. 

The post-game Dan “Mr. Personality” Bylsma looked like he should’ve been placed under 24-hour suicide watch.  Sidney “I’m ready for the relay Coach” Crosby looked far more shaken up than previously thought after his run in with that handsome stud, David Steckel.  Maybe a Tom Shales-style (or more appropriately, Hank Steuver <wink-wink>) review is in order for the coming days.  But until then…

A couple days ago, pal, colleague and all around sports / media geek, Dave Levy had a nice piece for WeLoveDC on siting a rink in DC for a Winter Classic: FedEx; Nationals Stadium, UMD’s Byrd Stadium and the Mall.   A boy (a city) can dream. 

Not mentioned in his piece is RFK.  I asked Dave why.  He told me to STFU and to stop fantasizing that we could write about hockey.

*Extra credit given to anyone who can cite the use of ‘nuance’ in a hockey blog before this morning.

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