Staking Party

As we wait for the PuckBuddys morning copy editor to get out of bed and post a Panther preview, we take a wander around the Interwebs…

While we should be the last ones to point out anyone’s typos, there was one that jumped off the Caps Community page yesterday: a write-up on the “Staking party”organized by Caps Charities @ Kettler on December 27.

We only bring this up as a feeble attempt to try to score some tix for Sunday’s Casino night. We were too late to pull the trigger on getting in, only to find that it’s been sold out, for quite a while it appears.

We plan to cut our share of checks to the various Caps charity efforts and were hoping Casino night would’ve been the first opportunity.  No luck. (And we look so damn hot in evening attire!)

If at this late date, any ticket holder find themselves unable to attend on Sunday, we’d be more than happy to take two tix off your hands. And we’ll pay a premium. Drop us a line.


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