Happy Birthday Carlson!

Now That You’re Legal, We Owe You A Drink

Jan. 10 marks a big day for the Caps’ big (6’3″) defenseman John Carlson – his 21st birthday.

Although a while ago, we remember our 21st…and all that came with it.  From our perspective, the only thing this changes is that we don’t have to sneak Carly drinks under the bar anymore.  Not that we’ve been so lucky.

And in fact we’ve all got a chance to toast Carlson this Friday: DC’s 101’s Elliot in the Morning is sponsoring a meet and chug Friday night at RFD right after we beat the Canucks.  And you know, if you’re available John, the first round at Nellie’s is on us!

BTW, this makes Carlson a Capricorn (strong-willed, confident, practical, cautious, faithful, and suspicious of the opposite sex) or for the more Eastern-oriented, a Snake (charming, popular, seductive, quiet and wise.)

Jan. 10 Birthday: “Driven by your love of beauty and friendship, you’ll flit to the most fantastic locations this year – houses, shops, restaurants, museums, parks.  Every month, you will take in new sights.  A formerly fickle person commits to you in business before the end of march.  Family embraces your choices in June.  Leo and Libra people adore you.”

So do Virgos and Sagittarians.  Happy Birthday!

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