Florida, Florida, Florida

Caps vs. Cats Part 2: Kick Kitteh Ass!

You’re All Stars in Our Book…But the only book that really counts this time of year is the NHL’s All-Star line-up.  And according to them, we have but two ‘stars’ on our team: Ovie and Greenie.  (Congrats, men!)  By the same measure, Shitsburgh has twice the star-power of DC (Crosby, Letang, Malkin & Fleury.)  But if memory serves…  At least we were pleased to see one of our favorite old-timers (but aging so well!) – the Wing’s Nicklas Lindstrom – make the cut.

Sasha Grounded: So Semin is stuck in DC nursing a groin injury.  Umm…probably not the best phrase, but still, we wish him well.  As we wish he would do well – 14 games and no goals.  Perhaps you need a little rest and relaxation, Sasha?  As long as you’re in DC, feel free to stop by.  We’re still plowing through that coq au vin and have a monster Sony to watch the game on.

Welcome Willsie: Brian Willsie moves up from the Hershey Bears to the Caps this week.  Sporting #24, we think he might surprise some by bringing a bit more experience to the ice than one might guess.  And as far as experience goes, with Semin out, Ovechkin will again have Willsie as a roomie.  We guess Alex has to go back to speaking English with his road trip buddy.  Talk about East/West relations! 

I bet Caps roadtrip pranks are more fun and daring than the lame ones we saw the Pens do on 24/7.  Does Poti short-sheet Coach?  Does Alzner sneak into Erskine’s room and drop his hand in warm water while he’s asleep?  Does Alex give more wedgies?

And speaking of power wedgies, the video of Alex (Owedgkin) laying one McFee’s kid Graham (GMGMGM?) in Pittsburgh has already made the rounds.  But we think we have alternate footage of the event.  It looks as if it was shot on a Soviet era cel phone camera, and was smuggled into and back out of Minsk.

High Stakes: Last Sunday was the Caps’ Casino Night for charity.  We lost our bet for tickets, but plenty of others didn’t. 

There’s lots of good shots all over online – including several of Coach taking over dealer duties – but for our money these two make the best looking pit bosses we’ve ever seen!

Go Caps!

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2 Responses to Florida, Florida, Florida

  1. david says:

    an all-star line-up that i think really blows…. no drew doughnuts? my guess is that crosby will be named capt. but prolly will not play – maybe… the sedins should both be named capt., finally we would get to see them play against each other… personally, i think the all-star weekend is a joke… just combine the mid-season break with the winter classic and give everyone a week off… im just sayin…
    btw, nice blog… thats high praise coming from a life-long penguins fan….

    ~ cheers…

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