Scouting Report: Ottawa Senators

If Only Members of Congress Looked Like This!

Update: Look for Andrew Gordon making his return to the Red today, filling in for Eric Fehr, who is expected to be out for at least the next three weeks.  He’s always welcome in our book – that’s great stuff!

First off, we’re tempted to write half of today’s entry en Francais in honor of our Ottawa visitors, living as they do right on the fault line between Francophone and Canucklephone Canada.  However we’re much more fluent in hoser than quebecer and might just end up saying something scandalous about Rene Levesque so we’ll pass, adding only: bonne chance, et sortent de la villehaw-haw-haw.

You might be thinking that all the luck will be with the Caps today.  I mean, the Sens are on a slide to rival our earlierDecember slump (only 1 win in the last eight tries) and the injuries/illnesses that had been hanging on us like a soggy coat are now lifting – for the most part. 

But losses can make a team hungry.  Or angry. Hungry angry bees…or something.  In the last few games the Caps have looked more like nervous wallflowers at the prom than hungry angry bees during the first period.  And the Senators can still surprise, and have an impressive arsenal to deploy.

At the front lines look for two Swedes: veteran Daniel Alfredsson and relative newbie Erik Karlsson.  Or is that Alfred Ericksson, or Karl Danielsson?  No matter, the two make quite a team – Karlsson even living with Alfredsson et familia for a time – and Karlsson (6′, 20 years old, shoot right) has made quite an impact as both shot-blocker and shot-maker. 

Did we say impact?  How about NHL All-Star?  How about just plain star?  This kid’s motor is clearly running…although frankly, we’re starting to think he should consider teaming up with another countryman for some on-screen work. 

Corey Locke hasn’t had the season Karlsson has, but he could be one of those mid-level talents that steps up to perform when called upon.  A small guy, probably all of 175 soaking wet (stop it…), Locke reminds us that just about anyone looks great decked out in pads. 

Milan Michalek and Sergei Gonchar, among others, have caught our eye as well – not in some small measure for what they can do on the ice as well as how good they look doing it.  But speaking of looking good, at least one former American idol has decided the winner is assistant Captain Mike Fisher.

(for CITY / SPRT story by KEN WARREN)

Fisher’s married to Carrie Underwood, who we would like to pretend we knew or cared who she was.  But we can’t.  We just can’t. 

What we do care about is Mr. Under Fisher, for reasons obvious and otherwise.  We won’t cry when the Sens leave town, but Mike, you’re welcome anytime.

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