Robot Chicken

“Worst NHL ASG Superhero Mascot, EVER!”

Maybe we’re treading in waters where we shouldn’t be.  Not hockey, that should be obvious by now that we’re strangers in a strange land, but in this case elsewhere – the adolescent exotic realm of comic books and superheroes.

We’re slightly out of our depth as informed critics because while we might be gay, we are not nerds. 

Marvel Comics’ Jesus, Stan Lee, (or one of his Korean sweatshop animators) was given free rein (and a huge check) to design a set of superhero NHL team mascots as part of the January 30 All-Star Game.  They brought us The Guardian Project, and their gift to DC: The Capital.  Many of our colleagues already kicked out reviews on this – but we like to think our best contribution to the world of hockey is bringing you last week’s news today. 

Let’s go to the DNA lab for analysis: He’s feathered, overly stylized and hyper masculine.

Slapshot + Tom of Finland = The Capital

Other breeding techniques and freaks of animation imagination come to mind:

Peter Griffin's Angry Chicken + Foghorn Leghorn = The Capital

 No one asked our opinion and The Guardians appear to be a success, judging by the 15,700 Facebook likes.  That’s 15,699 more than we have.  (Thanks Mom!)

Later this week, we’ll float the name of a write-in candidate for the job.

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