Peep Show

We Work Blue (but mostly RED)    via PuckDaddy

You only need one hand Sean

Not-so-great designer, Marc Jacobs, tries again to shock us with a nearly nude pic on an over-priced t-shirt, of the not-so-great New York Ranger, Sean Avery. 

Funds go to a good cause, but… Yawn x 2! 

Playing for years in such major media markets like LA, NY and… Detroit, probably filled Sean’s rolodex with the beautiful people and glitterati that the sport of hockey is widely known for.

The sports bar that Sean co-owns in NYC, Warren 77, is known for its decor of old Andy Warhol prints and pics adorning the walls.  The Factory meets the Garden. How remarkably boring and derivative.  All that’s missing is the tweaked out hangers on and Valerie Solanas, we bet. Maybe only Valerie…

We’re left to wonder if this iconic pic of one of Andy’s (and Morrissey’s) faves —> is on the wall in there, Joe Dellesandro. 

Now THAT was a model, but we don’t think Joe ever played ice hockey.  Tonsil hockey maybe…

We’ll never know - we’d rather eat or drink @ TGI McFuddruckers Goodtime Saloon and Eatery Emporium (or the better Indian restaurants on E8 St. with @rinkrebel), than feed in Avery’s trough.

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