Scouting Report: Trash the Thrash

Or: “Doc, Can You Get Rid of This Rash?”

PLUS: New Feature!  PuckBuddyBunny’s Take on Hendricks!

Sitting here at the computer, fingers frozen, we’re struck how writing about Atlanta is like traveling there.  One is left with a brittle mix of dread and nausea as you contemplate your fate.  Sort of like thinking about what casket you’ll look best in.

If we could avoid ever going to Atlanta, life would be a bit sunnier.  And if we could never, ever, write again about the Trashers…well, perhaps that would be our little gift of sunshine to you.

Fortunately, this may well be the LAST time this season we have to be here, joined in the hope that this whole thing will soon just be over.  This is our last scheduled meeting, and the Trash Thrash have lost seven of their last eight (haw haw!), although three of these came after regulation play.  Tampa still leads the Southeast, and while we’re running to catch them, Atlanta is running away from the ‘Canes, who have pulled to within one point.

So everyone is motivated: Trash to put distance with Carolina, Caps to redeem themselves after our previous ring-a-dings, and us…well, we think we’ve made ourselves clear.

Fortunately, things seem to be clicking with the Caps.  Although Varly may get the start tonight, “Hot B” Holtby is clocking in with a .967 percentage, letting just three of the last 80 shots squeeze by.  As WaPo’s Gene Wang points out, our PK is second in the NHL with 16 kills in a row. Ovechkin and Backstrom And as everyone is chattering about, Ovie and Nicky 19 seem to be “back”…although we’re still not sure where they “went.”  (Perhaps they could pick up Sasha and make it a trifecta?)

Confirming our suspicion, the Thrash seem to come more from Not- than Hot-lanta.  We’ve found exactly two.

Photo courtesy Getty Images/Jim McIsaac

Assistant Captain Dustin Byfuglien is by no means fugly, although ‘handsome’ might be a stretch.  Stick with ‘rugged’ and move on, buddy (although the way he’s playing, the Trasher’s head office isn’t going to want him moving anywhere.)

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Which brings us to Alex Burmistrov.  At 19 but already 6’1″ and 180 (shoots left), Trashers #8 is pretty great in his own right…on and off the ice.

Who's the lucky guy, hmmm?

She’ll Date Sasha Before Us, Probably: We’re happy to welcome “PuckBuddyBunny” to the family here.  Since starting this hot mess, we knew she was exactly the sort of contributor we needed: a hot straight gal who knows her hockey and appreciates her players. 

She’s chock-a-block with ideas and observations, and sends along this sidebar:

“I, for one, couldn’t be happier to see Matt Hendricks do so well for the Caps. 

Why you may ask? Simple. He played college hockey in the WCHA. Yes, that’s right. The WCHA. The same college hockey conference that gave us Jonathan Toews (Blackhawks) and Zach Parise (Devils).

“Hendricks played for St. Cloud State and Toews and Parise played for the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux. Hendricks had a great night during last Saturday’s “Hockey Night in Canada” [Don Cherry not withstanding - Ed.] and a great goal last night against the Rangers.  The announcers also noted that Hendricks has become a “game changer,” by stepping up to take on the fights.

“College hockey stars turned NHL stars are great for the Caps organization.  For fans like me, it gives me an opportunity to track a player’s progress through the years. 

For kids, it provides a good role model that a college education and a great NHL career are not mutually exclusive goals.  For parents, it lets them know that hockey can provide a road to a college scholarship at a Division I school.  Everybody wins. 

So here’s to you Matt Hendricks. You rock. (Also, I thought you were pretty dreamy on HBO… just saying.)”

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2 Responses to Scouting Report: Trash the Thrash

  1. Lisa says:

    Agreed! Hendricks was very dreamy on HBO. Even with the eye! (Im an Athletic Trainer… we are nuts like that!). Thanks again for the entertaining post! Beat the TRASH!

  2. KNXVIL says:

    Please be sure to provide massive amounts of sweet tweets and political commentary during tonight’s game; it’s not being broadcast in Boston, alas. Also, I hope the Trash-ers mascot is run over by the same Zamboni he “stole” weeks ago in an attempt to drum up attendance at their games. Kudos and welcome to the new contributor!

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