Fries With That Shake?

Happy Meals

Huge hugeness from @Adam_KOL.  The budding papparazo scored with a killer pic of Sasha at the Union Station McDonald’s today.  How far does $6.7M go with Big Macs?

Can I take your order(s)?

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3 Responses to Fries With That Shake?

  1. spinner33 says:

    0-0 uh oh- momma’s gonna be mad. she’s at home making pelmini, and he’s out snacking at mcdonald’s? bad sasha.

    i highly recommend the little thai place on the top floor (when you come up around the stairs, it’s straight ahead and on the right). roomie and i go there sometimes. she likes the tempura veggies, and i like anything with shrimp.

  2. Mark417 says:

    I work a 5-minute walk from there, and he didn’t call me to join him for lunch? Bitter-cakes!

  3. chelski says:

    He’s just making the fast-food rounds, ain’t he? BFF and I ran into him at Vapiano’s in Ballston on Friday night. I think we were the only ones who really knew who he was from the minute he stood behind me at the pasta line.

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