ThrashCap: Brokedown Palace

The Agony of Defeat Edition

Wide World of Sports (and Suck):  The whole world was watching last night – NHLI broadcast that disaster of a game to fifteen countries.   We’ll be getting feedback later on what “You suck Caps!” sounds like in fifteen different languages.

The Low Spark of High-Sticked Boys:  The lackluster performance last night, the 7th shutout of the season, could best be characterized by Smokin’ Al’s sideline interview with Karl Alzner during the second intermission. 

Koken asked the Husky-eyed D stud what it might take to get back in the game for the third and whether that aggressive (and scoreless) second period PP might have been the spark the team needed.  

If it comes down to failed PPs being the ignition point for this team (now 0 – we lost count), then we have some serious issues on the road ahead.  Karlzner – we love this guy. Love!

Cirque De Varly:  Making his first start in four games, our Russian net-minder was the star of the game.  One goal from his fellow Russian Nik Antropov squirted through, but Varly deserves accolades again – and maybe a ride around town in a sedan chair.

You spin me right round baby right round

Built Like a Brick… Wall: 


Photo: John Baazemore - AP


AeroFlop:  Because we still love aviation pics: 


Ready for launch Photo: John Bazemore - AP

Listen Up: After the game, Coach Boudreau addressed reporters and their many questions about the lack of offensive output:



“When you can’t score, you can’t score… One thing I can say tonight; it wasn’t for lack of trying, effort, puck control of shots on goal.

Even our powerplay I thought was really good.  (We) just can’t score goals right now.  It’s frustrating for the coaches and I’m sure every player out there… when you’re trying so hard and you can’t score.

“I don’t have answers; I can’t go out and score.  They’re trying their asses off but it’s not going in, and their goalie played great.  I’m tired of saying it, but that’s a lot of what happened. 

It’s a good time to have four days off….  You know this is a tough loss.  (We’ll) Mentally get back, get rejuvenated, come bacl Monday and practice hard.”

Teams We Hate:  The Bolts and Canes each won their final games ahead of the All-Star break, and we’re left with the sads. 

Peer-Review: We weren’t the only ones to feature Puckstud Matt Hendricks yesterday.

From Russia with love

RMNB had a nice interview with him done by new hire, Chris Gordon. 

And speaking of the Russian hooligans, we couldn’t help from being a little unnerved by the ‘related posts’ that accompanied their Thrashers game recap. 

Glory days of old followed by some rather ominous foreshadowing of things to come:

  1. Ill Omens as Thrashers beat Caps 4-2 in Season Opener
  2. Caps Get Elusive Win #50. Beat Thrashers 2-1.
  3. Thrashers beat Caps 3-1 as Pavelec Soars
  4. The Erskine Supremacy: Caps beat Thrashers 6-4
  5. Everything Clicks In Capitals 8-1 Victory Over Thrashers

Long Live The King:  Happy 27 DJ. 

Andy’s Superstars:  A belated happy 50th to the Great 99. 

Andy's Wayne 1984


All but passed over in yesterday’s news on the milestone is this little reminder of just how huge Wayne was. 

Not just Van Johnson big, or Gabby hayes big, we’re talking Andy big! 

Copies of this 1984 Warhol print can still be had – 500 of them were struck.


Breaking News: Sasha extension?  More later. 

Branding:  Thanks to reader Jay in hawaii for helping out with the new and improved PB logo.  Surf’s up!  And so are pucks in the Aloha State.



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  1. Peter from RMNB says:

    Thanks for the love, guys. I owe you a beer.

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