Ain’t the TeeVees Great?

We’re All Missing the Caps on the Idiot Box

So we can’t be the only ones missing the Caps and Joe B. lately.  Sure the all-star break is good and all, in part because instead of watching hockey we have a wee bit of our lives back.  Temporarily.  Well, except for blogging about watching hockey.

And it’s not like we’re filling the void with RuPaul’s “Drag Race Season 2” reruns (wait, was it season two or three?  Oh how the time do fly…) or obsessing about the spreading civil unrest throughout the Middle East (actually we are.)  But we do miss evenings with CSN on the Sonysaurus.

So, too, was our PuckBuddy Bunny, which got her mind thinking about just what makes hockey on TV so good.

“Many in the DC area have been struggling with power outages, so I don’t want to complain too much.  But it should be noted that my DirecTV signal was out and I didn’t watch the Caps vs. Thrashers game. (It should also be noted I couldn’t watch on-line either as I am having some “issues” with my lap top right now… ugh; I was tempted to walk down to Lola’s but restrained myself as it was a “school night.”)

“Some might wonder why a person would enjoy watching hockey on television. Don’t get me wrong, nothing compares to watching the game in person: the smell of the ice, seeing how the line changes are so important to the game, hearing the puck in the stick during great passes, etc.  But watching a Caps game on television is pretty great, too. The Caps arguably have one of the best broadcasting teams for any sport, anywhere. Who doesn’t want to grab a drink with “Smokin’” Al Koken?

“When I was a little girl, our local television station would occasionally broadcast the college hockey games in my hometown. It was like the “Miss America” pageant to me. I would put on my footed-pajamas, spread a blanket on the floor in front of the television, make a bowl of popcorn, and close the pocket door between the kitchen and living room so no one would “disturb” me. And if someone did dare to open the door and try to talk to me, I would spin around, and either glare or yell, “Shush!” And, if all went well, at the end of the night, I would dance out to the kitchen, singing “We beat the Badgers!” or “We beat the Gophers!” It was certainly more entertaining than “The Love Boat” or “Fantasy Island.”

“Anyway, thank goodness for the DVR last night! After catching up on episodes of “TMZ,” my guilty pleasure, I noticed my saved episodes of “24/7.” While I certainly don’t want to obsess about the series, I wanted to make one more observation: Brooks Laich. Oh my. The scene in question: Brooks Laich leaving his house and driving a car through his neighborhood. He arrives at Verizon and walks into the dressing room. He is wearing a suit that makes him look like a male model.  As the blogger “The Pioneer Woman” would say, he “makes my skirt fly up.” Or, as my friend D.E. would say, “You like-y Laich.”

“Isn’t television coverage of hockey grand? That is, when your DirecTV signal comes through?”

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