Tampa Bay Dolts

Scouting Report: Beat Dat Bolt(s)!  

We all know what opinions are like. Everyone has them, most of them smell, and rarely are they asked to be shared. And yet they are…often, and freely.  Joyfully, sometimes.

Take for instance last Tuesday’s game, during which we – and everyone in section 428 – were repeatedly and loudly informed that CAREY PRICE SUCKSSS! from one analyst conveniently seated directly behind us.  So helpful!  Such keen insight truly helped us better understand the many factors that led to our evaporating game that night.

There’s lots of opinion about what happened, what it may signal, and who’s to blame.  And none other than Nicky19 says he’s found part of the problem: himself. Well, him and the Caps’ other ‘star players’. WaPo’s Katie Carrera quotes Backstrom as saying:

“At the beginning of a period, game we have to get some shifts in the other team’s zone, get things going. I think if we do that then everybody follows. We haven’t been doing that too much and that’s why this happens. It’s a little bit frustrating too…”

Well, yes it is Nick.  “We know we have it, we just have to show it,” he adds. Tonight would be a good time to start showing, and help chase down Tampa.

Speaking of showy, lets see who’s showing and telling on the Tampa Bay roster.

Our last Bolts scouting report highlighted Stamkos and Yzerman: two Bolts well worth noting.  Add to the list assistant captain Martin St. Louis.

More handsome and less hot, his season could be described as either, or both.  He’s currently 2nd in NHL assists, and the Lightning are 21-5-2 when he gets one.  At just 5’8″ he’s something of a little guy on the ice, but clearly the 35-year-old winger can move…and move the puck.  (He’s also got one of those names that’s just fun to say.  MarTAHN Sahnt LooEE!)

Noted, too, is defenseman Brett Clark.  This is his first season with Tampa coming from the Avs, and while he may not yet be having the season of his dreams, he’s big, he hits, he’s great at blocking shots, and not too bad at taking them either.

And as long as they’re showing, we’ll end with Steve Downie.  An acquisition from Philly (boooo!!) he’s on something of a hot streak, with 2 goals and 5 assists in his last 10 outings.

Wait…did somebody say hot?

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