Scouting Report: San Jose Sharks

Maybe it’s the sunshine today and that the faint breath of Spring in the air.  Perhaps it’s the news that PB-favs Joe B, Locker and Smokin’ Al have seen their ratings jump 29% in the last year – third best nationally!  Or it could just be the Jack in our sippy cups.

Whatever the reason, today we’re walkin’ a lil’ bit lighter (don’t…) and feelin’ good about the Caps’ fishin’ expedition at Verizon tonight.  And why not, after our last two outings?  Friday’s return to Caps Old Form might have been written off as a fluke, we worried, were it not for Sunday’s even manlier trouncing of the Pens.

And in news that’s sure to make fanbois everywhere all aflutter, Alexander Semin returns to the ice tonight!  This is good news on several levels – in part because an aggressive AS could be just the extra push the Caps appeared to need if they hope to make playoffs.  And because PuckBuddy Craig was considering holding a vigil at Sasha’s house.  I see stalking charges!

But all is not unicorns and peppermints in Red World…not that we consider either a good thing.  Greenie’s still out with rumors of something that may resemble – or be – a concussion.  (He’s up and around, though, and sporting a healthy souvenir from Sunday, as Chris Gordon twitpic’d.)  Fehr and Poti also remain scratched; their return is not looking so good.

And the Sharks have been biting lately (hahahaha…the Sharks have…oh nevermind) as they aim to bump their winning streak to four.  Neuvy and Varly may be walling off the net, but the Sharks’ Antti Nieti is no (Stanley Cup-winning) pushover in the twine.

We could go on about the strong shark line Joe Pavelski and Patrick Marleau help comprise, or the defense work of “Danny Boy” Boyle.  But that’s not why we’re here.  So here’s your hockeymeat.

Our hope for tonight is that we make fast work of these Sharks.  Come to think about it, I could use a little sashimi.

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