Lost Highway

CBS Sports on Brendan Burke’s Life and Death

Brendan Burke's Band of Brothers

On Monday, CBS Sports.com, posted an emotional and heartbreaking piece on the one-year anniversay of Brendan Burke’s untimely passing.

Brendan’s teammates and coach, Enrico Blasi, of Miami University of Ohio, reflected on his life, how he came out to them in the spring of 2009, and how they learned of his tragic death in a traffic accident, only several months later. 

Blasi tells of getting the bad news between the second and third periods of a game and waiting until afterwards to tell players.  Any joy the team got from the win that day quicky evaporated, replaced only by grief.  In Blasi’s words, Brendan was part of the brotherhood, part of the family.

Great job CBS. Tiffany never loses its luster.

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One Response to Lost Highway

  1. david says:

    rest in peace brendan….. 1988 – 2010
    teardrop on the fire… fearless on my breath….
    boys. dont. cry.

    ~ peace…

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