ReCaps: Crazy Eights

Wrong Number

We really don’t buy into numerology, or for that matter astrology, Scientology or ideology; only Capsology.   But we couldn’t help but notice in last night’s dispiriting shutout, the ominous recurrence of a certain digit: Number Eight.

Eight Is Enough: Last night was the Caps Eighth shutout of the season, the highest number since the Ninety-Eight season.

They Love the Phone Booth:  The Sharks record at Verizon now stands at Eight wins in 10 games.  The Sharks have now racked up Eight wins in their last 9 games overall.

The Great Two-Eight: The return of Sasha had been long anticip8ed.  He looked a bit rusty but all-in-all OK for not having played since January Eight. 

He racked up nearly Eighteen minutes (17:47) of ice time on 16 (divisible by Eight) shifts. 

Sasha showed some fancy stick work and passing but couldn’t find the twine.   Nearly Eight minutes into the game, he drilled one from the right side, was tapped and the puck  wound up between Neimi’s legs.

Due to a poor call by the refs, their first of at least Eight, the goal was washed out.  Goalus Interuptus

Haute Couture:  The hot rookie, Logan Couture, racked up his Eighth GWG of the season, his 24th overall, and he leads the league. He broke the scoreless tie with Eight minutes remaining in the third.

The Great Eight:  Basically a null-set for Alex last night.  We’ll have to W8 just a little bit longer.

MP Eight-Five: After the game, Matthieu Perrault talked to the media.

He said Saturday’s game against the LA Kings, ahead of our long Eight day road trip next week will be, “huge… a must win.” 

Don’t get us started on must wins again.  That has to be out Eighth must-win game in the last few weeks. 

Go Green:  Missing from the line up last night was Mike Green.  Did anyone count up the number of stitches he got?  Why do I have the feeling that there are at least Eight?

Coach’s Corner:

“They decided to get cute because they had a bit of success. If you don’t stick with a game plan, bad things usually happen.”

“We didn’t seem to want to shoot until we got down 2-0… We didn’t get opportunities because we didn’t deserve opportunities.” 

“They (Sharks) played a pretty good shutdown game and they worked harder than us.”

“He (Neuvy) played good for 51 minutes.  If you want to be a GR8 goalie in this league, when the game is on the line, you’ve got to be the one to make sure you stop those goals.”

Teams We H8:  Both the Bolts and Pens dropped games last night.  Those losses could not have come on a better night.  Losing 7-4 and 4-1 respectively, the goal totals for both games was 16 (again, divisible by Eight). 

A Man of Few Words:  Fredo Speaks

A Night To Not Remember:  This all happened on February Eighth.  We were idiots and played the 9 horse in yesterday’s feature at Aqueduct.

All photos: Susan Walsh, Associated Press

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