Coyote Ugly

Scouting Report: Phoenix Coyotes

Well well, what a difference a week makes.  Just ask that guy…Hosni-whatever.  (‘Extended vacation at a Red Sea resort?  That’s for me!’)

Let’s go back to last Tuesday, when we were feeling all fuzzy about the Caps.  Remember Tuesday?  Remember how our Boys were finally back to hitting on all cylinders against division rival Tampa Bay?  Remember our man-handling of the Pens? Remember the defense, the second-efforts at the crease, the hits?

We hope you do because this weekend it looked like Boudreau’s Boys had completely forgotten.  Everything’s already been said about their deflating performance against the Kings…but, like Mo Udall noted, not everyone has said it.  So here’s our take.

courtesy AP/Jacquelyn Martin

It’s the job of the player to commit to performing the best they can; it’s the job of the leadership to make clear they expect that, and make corrections in its absence.   Our Caps are playing like they assume to win…or worse, like they expect they’ll lose.  Judging by their recent comments, Knubs and Nicky19 get what they need to do.  We’re hoping Coach B. and Capt. Ovechkin do as well.

There.  Now everyone has said it.  Moving on…

So we’re on the road.  First stop, Pumpkinville.  Or Phoenix, as it was later aspirationally renamed.  Whatever…this is just a city that just does not deserve to be America’s fifth largest – and most definitely does not deserve a hockey team.

People! Hockey’s played on ice! In the snow! You have to drive to the snow from there. Their barn is called the arena.  Really?  What is that – Craigslist for dirty prostitutes?

And seriously: how hockey are they really?  Does Phoenix want a curling team, too?  No, I don’t think so.  Does Phoenix have a Timmy Ho’s?  Do they know their toque from their trolley tracks?  Fat chance.

We’re saving our editorial juice for a number of big items we’ve got planned, so will pass on the game preview tonight.  Instead, we’re just offering some fresh hockey-candy for you.

Behold: Taylor Pyatt.

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One Response to Coyote Ugly

  1. david says:

    fuuuuuuuck taylor pyatt has some amazing eyes.. like two pools of intensely blue water…

    ~ cheers….

    ps.. whats the deal with the capitals n west coast teams? im just sayin…
    pps.. a great big fuck you very much to the whole new york islanders organization…

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