Caption Contest #2

We took a closer look at some of Bridget’s shots from Anaheim last night and couldn’t help but notice the expressions on the bench following one of Sasha’s three goals.

One in particular stood out – Coach Bruce Boudreau’s, so we enlarged the shot a little to take a closer look.  Surrounded by jubilant players, Coach looked like he was miles away.

We’ll try to be nice here, but can’t help but wonder what was on his mind:

1. “I’m going to Disneyland!”

2. “It’s about fucking time, Sasha!  You’re next, Hannan!”"

3.  “Stop grabbing my sack, Dean!”

4. “HBO is gone; why smile?  Do you think they liked me?”

5. “Rocky Road or Chocolate Chip?”

6. “Will that donkey please stop texting me?!?!”

7. “Fuck Shittsburgh. Infinity.”

8. “Locker’s on twitter? Bet he has more followers than @FireBBoudreau

9. “Dean, what exactly is a Puck Buddy?”

10. Russian Machines never breaks, my ass.  12 fucking games he was out!”

And yes…we went there…

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One Response to Caption Contest #2

  1. Doug says:

    #11: Am I choking on a hotdog…or having a stroke?
    #12: Did I overpay for this tie?
    #13: Sure, a hat-trick is great, but what really does that have to do with the unfolding turmoil and political destabilization we’re seeing in so many geo-politically critical regions?
    #14: Hey wait! Does ChiDogO’s deliver?!

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