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HBO’s Next Hot Hit Hockey Series

Darren Everson and Hannah Karp’s Wall Street Journal article in the February 11 edition, Why College Hockey Arenas Are the Cathedrals of Sports: From Yale’s ‘Whale’ to North Dakota’s Palace, Quirkiness Reigns, got our resident PuckBunny thinking. 

Our Bunny is a comely, mild-mannered legislative strategist by day, and a loud and proud college and NHL hockey fan by night.  And judging by her note to us, she has good insight into the industry.  And by the industry, of course we mean the business.  Show business.

Ever since the runaway success of 24/7, hockey fans have wondered how HBO may follow up on that love letter to the sport.  A four episode ‘Up Close and Personal’ with the Rangers and Habs certainly won’t cut it; we want moar and our Bunny Girl has our one-way ticket out of Palookaville, and the keys the network’s next hit hockey series. 

We’re at the concept stage, on the cusp of an idea, but if HBO greenlights the project, all we’ll ask is for all-access passes, Associate Producer credits, and that we can join the principals on stage on Emmy night. OK Bunny, give them the pitch:

“My alma mater, University of North Dakota, received the WSJ’s “Most Opulent” distinction. So proud. Yes, it is the only show in town, so you better give it the respect it deserves.
But what also caught my eye was the mention of the series “Friday Night Lights” under the University of Maine description.  As you may or may not know, “Friday Night Lights” had its series finale recently. The television show was based on the phenomenon (or religion) of high school football in Texas.
So here’s my pitch to HBO: “Friday Night Lights” meets “Slapshot” meets “Miracle.”

A television series based on the phenomenon (or religion) of high school hockey. And the school as the inspiration: Shattuck-St. Mary’s in southern Minnesota.  A private, co-ed boarding Episcopalian school located in a small town. Established in 1858, approximately 400 students.
Shattuck-St. Mary’s produced the following in the past decade: Jonathan Toews, Sidney Crosby, Zach Parise, Drew Stafford, Patrick Eaves, Ryan Malone. Can you imagine what they were like in high school?

Heck, you could even add in a co-ed, Title 9 twist and cast blonde twins to portray Jocelyne and Monique Lamoureux, 2010 USA Olympians and Shattuck students in 2007.
There you go, HBO. Your next big hit.”

Oh, and we want our own trailer. And an intern. Make that three interns.

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