Buffalo Burgers & Penguin Confit

A Presidents Day Menu

Hockey Day in America might be our new fave holiday.  A Caps win followed by losses for the filthy Rangers and loathesome Penguins. How does it get better than that?  Well, a day off work and a salute to our former presidents for starters. 

Hail to the Chiefs: Debora Robinson - Getty

And then maybe a thrashing of those flightless and listless birds later tonight.

The Sabre game was a nail-biter (of course it was) but mostly satisfying. The PP worked, our boys were mostly agressive for the full sixty and MP85 and MJ90 lit the lamp. 

Photo: Don Heupel - AP

A flash of the old Alex set one of those up – he was swarmed by three Sabres and still got off a great shot, leaving M&M to pick up the loose change and score.

Photo: Rick Stewart - Getty

A great effort by those three guys was trumped by our fave Russian Machine, Number 1 on the ice and Number 1 in our hearts: The Varlmonster:

Photo: Don Heupel - AP


Photo: Don Heupel - AP

Photo: Don Heupel - AP

We’ve got some wind at our backs (a slight breeze) and both us and the Pens are faced with back-to-back games. They are still short-handed with Sidney and Geno out, and we seem to play great against them.

We couldn’t help but notice the facial contortions of Coach Dan “Mr. Personality” Bylsma, on the bench yesterday as time was winding down and a loss to the Hawks was evident.  Let’s give this joker and his team a few other reasons to grimace this evening.

 “Paging Matt Cooke – white courtesy phone, Matt Cooke, a Mr. Matt Hendrinks is holding for you…”

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One Response to Buffalo Burgers & Penguin Confit

  1. Jen says:

    Ahahahaa, I will never tire of hyper-intense ‘Varlmonster’ photos. I wish all of the players looked so aggressive!

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