Rough Trade

Hello Boys!

Yesterday sure was a big news day - at least judging by the twitter traffic and record-breaking page views and comments for some in Capsblogistan.   And we thought 500 comments over here was impressive on big days…  Anyhoo -

We just sat back and watched the day unfold  as we played our own inside game.  The bigger Caps news from yesterday was that we have finally weaseled our way into a suite @ Verizon. 

We’ll be perched way up high tonight, smug as all get out, watching our fresh faces hopefully blend in seamlessly with the more familiar ones. 

In alphabetical order, let’s take a look at the new talent.

Arnott – Are Too:

Sturm und Drang:

Wild Man:




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2 Responses to Rough Trade

  1. Boutros23 says:

    Lol at the dolphin

    • Craig says:

      He’s gonna need a bigger boat!

      Can’t wait to see these guys on the ice tonight. We were lucky to be able to scam some tix.

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