Athletes and Allies

As Seen on TV

Our pal and honorary PuckBuddy, Hudson Taylor, Columbia’s University’s wrestling coach and founder of Athlete Ally, was on MSNBC yesterday morning to talk about gay equality in sports.

He’s a cool guy and founded a very cool and worthwhile organization. 

In yesterday’s segment, he talked about homophobia in sports, but doesn’t single out any in particular that may be worse than others. 

Hudson is carving out a niche to be a leader in this area and says, “Athletics should be a place for everybody.”

Hudson burst upon the scene last year with a very gutsy move. From the AA website:

“…Hudson wore a Human Rights Campaign sticker on his wrestling headgear in college to show solidarity — as a heterosexual athlete ally — with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. 

This single act drew media attention around the country and prompted thousands of inspiring, personal messages. With this encouragement, Hudson became committed to speaking louder as an athlete ally.”

Sometimes it takes a straight guy like Hudson to move the ball / puck forward for others.  A true ally indeed with a great story to tell.  Follow Athlete Ally on Twitter and Facebook.

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One Response to Athletes and Allies

  1. Mark417 says:

    This guy is awesome sauce. I recall he was pretty outspoken as an advocate for gay rights as a Maryland student wrestler a little while back and am glad to see he is now in the collegiate coaching ranks. With str8 guys like him, Brian Burke, and Brendon Ayanbadejo to name just a few out there publicly advocating the way they do, well, it just makes me smile.

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