Hockey Week in DC Starts Tonight

We’re having some production flow problems lately here at PuckBuddys GayCo and Amalgamated Spats Industries, Inc., headquarters.  Sure, product is up.  Caps are in.  Sasha’s trading high on the exchange, and Don Cherry-bashing has never been better.  It’s the last week of the regular season – coming off the Caps’ best March ever -and the finals of the Frozen Four (Go Souix!) The Freepers are lovin’ hatin’ on us, and we lurv that the Hockey Lovin’ Homos have crashed our net.

It’s all just a bit much.  That’s why we’re doing the responsible thing.  Having a beer…and inviting you.

So here’s the Caps haps over the next several days.  Tonight our Boys in Red are up in Toronto for one last dance with the Make Beliefs.  Then it’s our final regular season game at the Phone Booth Wednesday, and the season-ender on the road Saturday in Miami.

Tonight, the PuckBuddys are hosting a Caps viewing gathering at our fav watering hole Nellie’s on U.  Look for the two goofs wearing the sweaters.  Tomorrow we’re heading to Verizon for our lofty perch up in 406 – but not before joining Knuble’s Knights in pre-game warm-ups to celebrate all things Knubley.  Craig’ll be wearing Laich (or Laughlin18) – Doug’ll be sportin’ Backstrom.

We have no reason to run this except for lolz

Thursday we’re taking part in Spring SportFest at the Room and Board on 13th and T.  For those unfamiliar, SportFest is probably the eye-candiest, networkingist gay sports and athletics event in DC.  If it’s GLBT and it has anything to do with sports – it’ll be on display Thursday 7-10pm.  It’s free, there’s booze, you get a chance to win cool stuff…and you can tell us to our face how much we suck.  And sign up now for what we expect will be the first official Caps Night Out next season.

And Saturday we’re back at Nellie’s for our last regular season game/the Frozen Four final.  Here’s hoping we flood the place with hockey fans.

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2 Responses to SportFest

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  2. Dan says:

    Great time tonight guys….thanks for organizing this!

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