Dancing with the Star

Everybody Dance Now!

Ever since our dear Captain Alex electrified hockey fans around the globe with his wicked OTGWG dance moves against the Sabres on Saturday evening, requests have been pouring in seeking our help in diagramming his complex choreography. 

It took days just to do the computer modeling, several emotional sessions channeling the spirits of Martha Graham and Hermes Pan, and finally hours of covert and dangerous practice sessions at KCI to crack the code.  Elements of the Ovechdance may have originated here:  The dance sensation that’s sweeping the nation.


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2 Responses to Dancing with the Star

  1. joe says:

    that was awesome thank you

  2. david says:

    sit down alex.. what do you think this is – the NFL?
    oh and that p.k. suban kid in montreal.. yeah you, sit your rookie ass down…
    win the Stanley Cup and we’ll see….

    ~ cheers…

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