Heavy Metal Caps

2 Minute Minor Major

A season comes, a season goes.  Some things fade away: Snooki, Barry Bonds, Glenn Beck.  Hope. Yet some things curiously endure and grow stronger: France, the iPad, Ben Cohen.  Hope.  And the Caps. 

Coach Boudreau managed to juggle one of the best teams in the NHL, down to one of the least interesting, then back into a serious Cup contender. Mazel tov.

We’re gonna be back at our home away from home – Nellie’s – this Friday and Sunday for more watch parties in the PuckBuddys Sin Bin, upstairs on 2.  Maybe the Capiest place in town, this side of Verizon. See you there.

Until then: our salute to the season so far, courtesy of our Boys in Red.

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One Response to Heavy Metal Caps

  1. david says:

    sasha’s game 1 ot winner was awesomesauce! and that pass from arnott.. sweet…
    good luck the rest of the way….

    ~ cheers…

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