The Key Demo

Goodbye Women 18-35, Hello Hubba-Hubba!

Just what exactlly is he measuring here?

While we have opinions on just about every facet of hockey from Avery to Zanon, we don’t harbor especially strong feelings one way or the other on Commissioner Gary Bettman’s stewardship of the League. Yet. 

We’ll get their sooner or later, and our indifference is probably due to our lifestyle choice: we choose to question authority, no matter whose it is (except Coach Boudreau’s).

Whatever it is, its getting bigger...

You can hardly blame us for being thin on the League brass.  We still wonder about Bettman – a guy who has amassed 11,000 Twitter followers but has only managed to bang out three lousy tweets.  And you people follow him why exactly?  Bettman only follows two others, and both are NHL execs. In some circles that could be called insulated. 

The other NHL guy we hear a lot about is SVP and Director of Hockey Operations, Colin Campbell, and everything we know about him we’ve learned from Twitter – and little if any of that discourse is very complimentary.

So when we read about the NBCCOMCASTVERSUSBRAVOSACCOANDVANZETTI deal with the NHL, we were somewhat heartened.  Somewhat. 

Move over Mike Milbury

From John Litner, president of the NBC Sports group, came the money shot quote: “Hockey has the most attractive young male demo… ” 

He may have said something else about advertising revenues and some claptrap about synergy but we’d already stopped listening and got a little distracted.  John, You had us at ‘attractive young male.’

NBC also owns the Bravo Network, which, next to Logo, is easily the single gayest thing on the entire cable dial.  How gay? We use our Sony’s V-Chip to block just one network only.  

Bravo Andy Cohen, Bravo!

Our fear is mission creep across the NBCBRAVOGOLFVERSUSWHATEVER properties and that some smooth talking LA or NY reality-show whizkid, whose hockey experience is limited to field, will want to explore options across the platforms after they realize just how hot the average, and above average (Hi Sasha!) NHL player is.

If that ever comes to pass, we volunteer our services to act as liaisons between the NHLPA and NBC to ensure that the integrity of the sport is maintained.  And we’ll make this committment right now – the closest Andy Cohen ever gets to an NHL player will be Sean Avery.

We’ve made no secret that our biggest beef with Planet Versus is their utter disregard for the fans by denying them the services of the Rinkside Glimmer Twins – the very best announce team in all of hockey this side of the KHL – Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin.  Caps fans are blessed that we have them – can anyone honestly imagine the Bataan Death March that is the 82 game regular season without those two guys?

So there you have it, NBC is attracted to the ‘attractive young male’ and it’s really no surprise.  The Peacock after all, proudly displays all the many colors of the rainbow. 

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


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2 Responses to The Key Demo

  1. 28ISGREAT says:

    Mi scusi – ma Joe Beninati. Non Joe Beninato. Mama mia!

    Otherwise, please keep that Sasha Minor love going!

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