Of PuckBunnys and PuckPals

PB’s Second Line Takes The Ice

Practice makes perfect and we took to the ice again at Kettler yesterday for the Good Friday skate.  Sacrilege aside, here’s hoping Good Friday will make for an even better Saturday, then a very restful week.

A great crowd was on hand today, owing to school breaks and the holiday weekend. We got to chat with Loud Goat and the not so loud King of Leonsis himself, Adam Vignan.

Another moment: today we bid adieu to that old war-horse that’s been with us through thick and thin, war and peace, ham-n-cheese – the craptacular Shaky-Cam – and say Allo! to a marginally better camera.   Stationed again at the one pane of glass (thanks Bridget!) that’s not totally smeared with puck schmutz, we squeezeed off a few half-decent shots.  Or not – you be the judge.  We finally got a Flickr page up and running to memorialize these shots for eternity, or the end of the world, whichever comes first.

We learn something new with each practice we attend and today was perhaps the most important lesson of all – Coach Dean Evason will give you an aggressive face wash if you ask him to validate your parking stub.  Something else we learned: Sasha falls down a lot at practice, too (there was a small collision that preceded it, however).

Now, onto the important news: a line-change here at PuckBuddys.  We’ve been helming the first line for a while, but – d’uh! – the difference between winning and #winning is a hot second or third line, and smooth change.

Which brings us to the PuckBuddy’s hotter-than-hot Second Line: PuckBuddyBunny and DaveE.  This site suddenly gets a whole lot smarter with their participation.

Hailing from the great northern Plains – and we do mean northern – is PuckBuddyBunny.  She’s a whip-smart hockey fanatic who somehow balances a successful professional life in DC, a giant bundle of fuzz named Casey, and we guess about a hundred suitors…including, if they’re lucky, a Cap or two.  PBB has written for us before, and beyond her skills at sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of a team, she has a genuinely dazzling knowledge of collegiate hockey.  She’s a perfect winger, and frankly if we weren’t otherwise inclined, we’d have her on long-term contract.

Joining her on line at center is another veteran and star DaveE.  We’ve known DaveE a bit longer than the Bunny, and – like Papa Knuble – he’s only gotten better with each year.  It’s a safe wager that he’s probably the funniest person we know (way to raise expectations, Doug…) and at least among the smartest observers of both politics and professional sports – which makes him perfect for this city.  Another northerner (although slightly to the East and Suomi side of the equation), DaveE is the Arnott of our group – knowing when to encourage and when to nudge.

Each is strong in their own right: together they form the PuckBuddy’s Second Line.  We haven’t named them yet…perhaps you can. They’ll introduce themselves in their own way.

We’re swapping out with them for a little bit.  Gotta go rest the legs and heal.  Root them on as you have us, and we’ll see you on the other side – the next round of the playoffs.

Oh, and our gift for now – one last shot of one of our favs.

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