Русская машина никогда не ломается

Gay Marriage

Lately, some have asked why features of ours have been published over at Russian Machine Never Breaks. The answer is simple: earlier this year we fan afoul of the Russian Mafia (in a point shaving incident during the ECF), and have a ruinous debt to repay.

Luckily for us, the leg breakers placed us into indentured servitude with a talented bunch of guys: Ian, Peter, Neil and Chris. Not only do our benevolent dear leaders at RMNB abide by international law, they’ve no record of human rights violations and have guaranteed regular visits by reps from the International Red Cross and Amnesty International.

That doesn’t mean that this site goes away. In the next few days we’ll announce the beta version of PuckBuddys 2.0, a League-wide experiment that we hope will be even bigger, chirpier, and yes, even gayer. Xорошо!

Thanks to Garrett for the graphics help

About Craig and Doug

Proudly serving gay hockey fans and players since 2010
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2 Responses to Русская машина никогда не ломается

  1. Mike Rucki says:

    I damned well *hope* PB isn’t going away, neighbors! Looking forward to whatever 2.0 may bring.

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