Everyone’s Back

Point and Shoot and Pray

Our crappy little camera serves us pretty well, but even with a pro rig, we doubt our pictures would come out much better. Our forte as shooters tends to be of players’ and coaches’ backsides – no we don’t mean it that way – but from the few times we’ve shot practices at KCI, it doesn’t seem to matter if we find that one pane of clean glass or an ideal angle, we still end up with the same images, backsides. 

Fully aware of our lack of photographic skills, we now just play to our strengths and leave the artsy stuff in far more capable hands. Day 1 of Training Camp, as seen from behind:

After the jump, more pics and a few special front-sides, too (Hi Sasha!).

And there are some just too perfect to shoot from behind…

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One Response to Everyone’s Back

  1. citizenhaut says:

    Didn’t realize the Caps were that much into going green. Looks like the Caps got some of the trash the Canadiens threw out this summer (Hamrlik, Perreault). Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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