Team Teemu

Let’s Go Ducks!

The biggest news for gay hockeydom next to the Ryan Kesler nude photo surfacing, is another addition to the team.  If we get a few more correspondents writing for us who play hockey, we might be able to have our own squad. And now that Sean Avery is up for grabs, we’ may have found our coach.  Ummm, maybe not.

Our Ryan plays for the LA Blades, and he’s been a Ducks fan since… since he was just a wee little Duckling. In his first piece, he gloats talks about the many successes the Ducks have had in their relatively brief history. Must be nice. His partner Peter, also a member of the Blades, is a Bruins fan. Talk about a mixed marriage. We’re thrilled to have them on board. – Craig

“I didn’t think I had much to say when my partner, who I met playing on the LA Blades Gay/Lesbian hockey team, asked me If I was interested in being a correspondent for  PuckBuddys writing about the Ducks.  But then I started thinking about it – while I don’t have much of a journalistic background – I have been following the Ducks since their first season when I was 12.

I grew up learning to play hockey right with the team- trust me we were both pretty ugly playing in the early 90’s. Although at that time I was only playing roller hockey, till I finally switched to ice when I was 18 and played a year of low-level intercollegiate club hockey. Now I watch over 70 games a year either on TV/DVR or in person.”

“I’ve pretty much been in the building for every historic moment in Ducks history.

From game 7 winning victory over Phoenix in their first playoff series in 1997, to Jiggy’s shutout streak vs the Wild in Conference Finals in 2003 and Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final that same year when Scott Stevens knocked my boyhood crush Paul Kariya out- to have him come back minutes later and drill a monster slap shot to beat Broduer.

The many memories from the Cup winning night in ’07 – the chills when Rob took the Cup from his brother Scott or the tears streaming down my face (and half the Pond)when Teemu lifted it moments later.

I know what some of you are thinking- you hate that in only 18 years we’ve had  a Cup, 2 Cup Finals appearances, and 3 Western Conference Finals appearances.  I’d hate us too. So much success – so quickly. But that can be more for another day. Or California hockey? As more and more kids start skating out here – and California born talent rises to NHL ranks like Jonathon Blum in Nashville- you’ll change your mind. Take it from a gay hockey player that grew up behind the orange curtain.

Dreamy Teemu

The Duck’s are off in Finland for their opening game on Friday vs Buffalo.

Yes I already saw tweets that the boys enjoyed some Finnish saunas…. For the Ducks this means 3 players returning to their homeland. Teemu Selanne is a hero if not far from a god in his home country. Him and Saku Koivu have been mainstays of the Finnish national team the last 20 years.

Toni Lydman

The ovation for them and fellow countrymen Toni Lydman should be deafening on Friday.

Please no one tell me the score, it will be 10am on the west coast and I will be at work!

This season- like the last 4 prior- seem to be Teemu’s farewell tour. Last season, he put up 86 points, 8th highest in the NHL.

Needless to say, even though off-season knee surgery may slow him some, he still produces at an extremely high level for any player – let alone one who has been in the league for 18 years already.

As someone who has gotten to watch him play 12 seasons in a Ducks jersey – it is truly a treat that he is back.

I encourage everyone to watch him whenever the Ducks play your team- his love for the game and zest for life is infectious. If that’s not enough he’s still one Finland’s sexiest men at 41.”

You can follow Ryan on twitter: @Hocky09

Addendum: And speaking of Ducks we love. An adorable pic of who we’re pretty sure is former Caps and Hershey Bears fan favorite, Andrew Gordon, surfaced in our mailbox the other day.

We wish him all the luck our west and can’t wait to see him again when we host the Ducks on Tuesday, November 1.

Horny hockey players rule.

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2 Responses to Team Teemu

  1. GayCanuck says:

    Hello Ryan, welcome to the team! Loved reading about the Ducks, and thank you for that shirtless photo of Andrew Gordon! Now that’s what you call a happy ending.

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