Hockey Against Hate

Spanning The Globe

Our sincere thanks to the Commentary staff at the Toronto Globe and Mail for publishing an opinion piece today by Andrew, our Maple Leafs correspondent. Our thoughts and prayers remain with Jamie Hubley, his family and friends he left behind.

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2 Responses to Hockey Against Hate

  1. Matthew Skolnikoff says:

    Thanks for writing and submitting your opinion piece so that a wide and diverse audience can chew on the fact that this really is a big problem. Teachers can be the last line of defence for a bullied gay teen when everyone else has let them fall through the cracks – good to know that’s not going to happen on your watch at least!

  2. Great article with lots of insightful (and very saddening) analysis about our dangerously homophobic society. Let’s hope this issue continues to be discussed and that we can make more progress on the matter.


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