Date Night!

It’s Snuggling Night in Canada, and the U.S.!

So apart from the fact that we’re meeting our overlords at RMNB for dinner tonight (DC Pho – mark it down!), Craig and I find ourselves without tickets tonight. Which brought an idea to mind: hockey date night!

We’re dipping a toe in here, but we think we’re onto something. Whether you’re meeting someone you know, or someone you’ve just met in town, or maybe hooking up long-distance with buds in different cities, we want to make Saturday night official Gay Hockey Hook Up night.

Hey, the precedent is well established! Real  and virutally. So c’mon boys!  Someone’s lookin’ for those arms tonight. Be generous and offer then.

Love follows its own heart, but passing lust sweeps through like a vacuum. So c’mon PuckBuddys Nation, find a partner, tune in a game or go to the arena, and enjoy everything that the evening brings.

And then share the details with us.

Happy Hockey Night!

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6 Responses to Date Night!

  1. Adam says:

    I see Gay Hockey Hook Up night taking a decidedly dirty turn. Maybe after the game, anyway.

    • Doug says:

      Date night: successful. Here’s to next Hockey Date Night!

      • Adam says:

        I think Mike and I’s version of date night has been watching the Penguins ever since we started dating. I remember him surprising me with Rangers/Penguins tickets when we started dating, and when I first moved to Pittsburgh, I was once again surprised by playoff tickets. Granted, we got slaughtered, but we really do schedule things after the Penguins schedule.

        Sad and pathetic to some? Maybe. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

        • Cub Bear says:

          It all started 10 years age Sharks Vs. The Ducks at the Tank and then another at the Pond. 10 years sometimes difficult years were still together and still hoping for the Sharks to gain the Cup. Best Date Nights Ever

  2. ErinK says:

    I’m set for a date, but tell me about this pho place…?

  3. Doug says:

    DC Pho, on H Street in Chinatown between 6th and 7th. Soooo good.

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