Lone Stars

Bobby’s Stars are doing AOK – first in the Pacific and first in his heart. Actually second – number one is his boyfriend Jon. The two will be taking in another game soon, joined this time by Bobby’s parents. We can’t wait for that game recap. Until then, a look at his Stars and in particular, the 6’1, 200 pound hunk of a winger, Eric Nystrom.

Crunch Time: Eric Nystrom

So far this season we have won 11 amazing games and have lost 6.  Tuesday night’s loss to the Panthers was brutal, but we’ll shake it off.

This is a great start for the Stars and I’m just praying that they can keep this pace up.  Because the Stars is the best thing Dallas has going for them (Of course I’ve always thought that, but now other people are starting to).  Due to the fact that the Cowboys are depressing each time they step out onto the field, the Rangers have been to the world series twice and came back empty-handed, and now the Mavericks may not even play…so that leaves Dallas with my Amazing boys!!!

I’m glad I didn’t watch Fridays night’s Pens game because seeing James Neal lead his new team to victory against us, would have just been horribly depressing.  Plus, as many of you know I can’t stand any professional sports team that comes out of Pennsylvania.  On Friday, James Neal showed his stuff and out played the Dallas Stars.  We then went on to get beaten up by the Wings pretty badly (5-2 at the Joe). I missed that game too because I took Jon home with me to meet my parents!  The Stars App makes it easy to stay current on nights that I’m otherwise ‘preoccupied.’ 

Eric Nystrom…  I have to say who the hell would have predicted that he would be this amazing?!?!  

In his 12 games, this season with the Stars, Nystrom has already surpassed the amount of goals he shot last season with the Minnesota Wild. So what’s the deal – why the 180 degree turnaround? 

I think it is a combination of three things:

  • He’s under the direction of Coach Gulutzan…we have all seen the effects of the Stars new coaching and I think that is part of the reason why Nystrom has been able to get out there and show his stuff.
  • He has been on the same line with Jamie Benn and Loui Erikkson.  Yes, we all know that I think Benn is a God on ice, but I truly believe that Nystrom is playing better because he is on a line with players that can help him with the puck, and with Benn playing center it seems to be working great!
  • And lastly, Hard work…Nystrom said so himself, he worked his ass off this summer.  He didn’t really show his stuff in Minnesota so he worked hard and came to Dallas a MUCH better player!

Overall, the way Nystrom is playing he remains a huge asset to the Stars.  Hopefully he keeps it up!”

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