To Live and Win In LA

Los Angeles is such a big market, and the Kings are such an important team, that we looked to several guys to introduce us to the squad. Last week, Adam wrote about his road trip out there to see his Pens; Spencer shared a very cool story about his love affair with the Kings, and now it’s Greg’s turn. He’s an out, loud and proud Kings fan. 

"Make it work, Kings!"

So I’m gay. For those who know me, this revelation shouldn’t come as a shock. I go to gay bars. I love Robyn and Kylie Minogue. 

I know that the colors of an outfit don’t have to be matchy matchy…they just have to go. I regularly refer to some of my closest male friends as ‘sisters’. As a matter of fact, as I write this, I am watching ‘Beaches’. 

But there is a secret behind all this so-called stereotypical gay behavior. I am a huge sports fan. I’ve been to so many sporting events in my life that I have lost count. 

I’ve seen my baseball team win the World Series in person. I’ve seen my basketball team win several championships. The one thing missing is that I have yet to see my hockey team raise Lord Stanley’s Cup. 

Yes, I am a gay hockey fan.

The underdog Kings made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals in 1993.  I remember the finals vividly; I remember the elation of a game 1 victory in the hockey cathedral that was the Montreal Forum. 

I also remember the three straight overtime losses that followed.  In spite of the Finals loss in 5 games, I was completely hooked.  I also remember thinking through the heartbreak and disappointment that “maybe if my team were better looking they would have won.”   

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at the guys.  I’ve definitely googled the screen shot Dustin Brown accidentally removing all his clothing in the background of an interview.  [Ed. Note: NSFW. Deliciously so!] My computer’s wallpaper is currently the photograph of Ryan Kesler featured in ESPN’s Body Issue. 

Papa Arnott

They’re cute, and I look.  But I defy any straight hockey fan to challenge my hockey knowledge.  I know who had the best special teams in 2002 (LA Kings, naturally. # 1 power play, #3 penalty kill). 

I know who scored the Stanley Cup winning goal in 2000(Jason Arnott, New Jersey Devils, game 6 in Dallas). My head is full of useless stats.  But when the NHL comes out with their version of Trivial Pursuit, I will dominate!

For many years I have felt alone as a gay hockey fan.   Every guy I’ve ever dated has given the game the old college try, but it hasn’t taken. 

A good friend of mine keeps saying I should start a fan club called ‘Queens for Kings’.  But I don’t know too many gay Kings Fans.  You’d think in a city of 12 million people there might be a few.

Anze Kopitar

So I implore you, Gay Kings fan.  Come out.  Our team is finally a Cup contender.  We no longer hope to win, we EXPECT to win.  This is the year we go from a tough first round out to a team that many have picked to not only win the Pacific, but also represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals.  The hundreds of billboards around Los Angeles say it…The time is now.  So come out…because it’s no fun hating the Ducks by yourself.

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