Russian Mafia

The best kept secret here is that much of our best work happens off of it. We’re half Russian. Sorta. We serve our masters at RMNB in part because we love them, in part because we have an onerous debt to repay (point shaving gone awry with the 2011 IIHF U20). We manage pregamers and will occasionally cross-post here, careful not to run afoul of any licensing or copyright agreements. Don’t make them call their lawyers.

Ottawa Senators Pregame: Rocky 3 – Adrian’s Revenge

The Pre-Game: We hear through the Twitters that perhaps we went just a weee bit overboard with our preview of Saturday’s Ottawa game, and shameless self-promotion of teh PuckBuddy’s Big Gay Night Out. Whoops!  Curiously: among the critics was Donald Trump, who should know a thing or two about the line between gleeful self-promotion and villainous sociopathy, so we take that to heart. So that, plus Peter’s epic stat-tastic data set analysis matrix (or whatever) have convinced us today we’re going to play it down the line.Yup, right… directly, down that… unbending line. Directly… forward, in a non-curvilinear fashion. And that’s as close as we’re ever going to come to saying it, so get over it.

The Naughty and Nice List, Part 1

Oh noes, it being the season of interminably pointless culture battles over decorated trees and shopping mall greetings, we’re compiling a list of who’s being good, and who isn’t, on the Caps bench. We know: all this is old and nobody cares. But someone cares. And his name is Santa…

The entire post can be read here, free of charge. Please visit them. Often. So they don’t beat us. Please, we beg you.

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