All Stars

In his New years wrapup, Bobby from Dallas checks in on 2011, and shares the highlights of the year. No surprise, much of them center on his Dallas Stars and Jon, his boyfriend.

                                                                                                                                               “For my blog, 2011 was an INCREDIBLE year!! Here is a look back on the year and my blog

  • January – Started nursing school and simultaneously tried to keep an updated blog.
  • January – My blog was listed on the Yahoo! Sports site for the Dallas Stars.
  • March – I received an email from a book publisher who asked me to review a new book on hockey in Texas “The Lone Star Skate”.  They sent me a free copy of the book and I did my first book review…ever!!
  • March – Updated my annual “Top Ten Hottest NHL Players” and got even more viewership!
  • May – I finished my first semester of nursing school, but sadly, the Stars were finished for the season :(
  • June – Not much going on in the hockey world, but the Stars did get a new coach, who seems to be doing extremely well!
  • August – I was contacted by another hockey blog “Puck Buddy’s” and was asked to join them in their efforts to bring hockey and the gay community closer together!
  • August – I met an AMAZING special someone. I know it’s not hockey related but it’s my blog ;)
  • September – The hockey world started to come back to life and of course my life got much busier.
  • October – I wrote my first post for Puck Buddy and received positive reviews and even more viewers!
  • October – I wrote a post about taking my boyfriend to a hockey game, and with an enormous help from the men who work on Puck Buddys, it went above and beyond my wildest expectations!
  • October – My article was posted and talked about on and The Voice (a Dallas gay newspaper).
  • November – I did something I never thought possible, I created a twitter account for my blog.  It is a great way to connect with other gay hockey fans and to share my blog! Follow me @gaystarsfan
  • December – My blog hit 30,000 views…which means that in the year 2011 I had more than 20,000 views.  Incredible!

So what’s in store for the new year??? 

Well I’ve decided to make my New Year’s resolution about my blog. 

Jamie Benn

I want to spend more time with it, I want to go back and do game reviews, player reviews, and spend more time with the great guys at Puck Buddy’s… I want to be a better blogger.  Of course the new year will also mean the third update of my “Top Ten” list, so this is as good of time as any to ask people for who they think should be on this years list.  I actually did take the advice of some readers last year, so you never know who will end up on the list…well except for Jamie Benn, how could he not be on there ;)

2011 was a fantastic year for my blog, and all in all it was pretty great in my life!  Or course you all can probably guess as the what the best part of 2011 was…and if you can’t refer to the timeline ‘August’ note above!

Thanks to all of my readers who continue to amaze me with the fact that people actually care and like what I write about.  I wouldn’t continue to do this if it wasn’t for you guys! 

Thanks to PuckBuddy for expanding my horizons with this blog…I never imagined any of these things would happen, and thanks to you guys for being a part of it!  Lastly, thanks to my family and friends, you guys support me and keep me going, which keeps this blog going! :)

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