Don’t Call Me Ginger Jesus

Don’t call Cory Schneider “Ginger Jesus.” Or “Ginger Bricks.” Or anything that refers to his coppery-red hair as “ginger.”

On CBC’s After Hours show, following the Canucks/Flames game on HNIC, Scott Oake asked a question that I submitted via Twitter for his guest that night, Canucks goalie Cory Schneider. My question: “Do you prefer the nickname Gingerbricks or Ginger Jesus?”

I’ve seen both nicknames used frequently among other Canucks fans on Twitter and I wanted to set the record straight about which nickname our ravishing, red-haired backup goalie preferred! But apparently, he doesn’t like either of them. This was Cory’s answer:

“I’d like to debunk that right now. Daniel, Henrik and myself, as red-heads we don’t really enjoy the term ‘ginger.’ We’re trying to get it out of people’s vernacular.”

[Jump to 15:00 in video above to see Cory’s answer.]

My first thought was, “Oh great! I just insulted Cory Schneider on national TV! And did he just use the word ‘vernacular’ in a sentence?” Then I wondered why Cory reacted negatively to the term ginger, which is a word commonly used in England to describe “red heads,” but is not meant to be derogatory.

I remembered reading about a shameful bullying campaign someone started years ago called “Kick a Ginger Day” that was apparently inspired by an episode of South Park titled “Ginger Kids.” The campaign resulted in kids around the world being bullied, harassed and beaten at school all because of the color of their hair.

Could this be the reason why Cory, Daniel and Henrik don’t like being described as ginger? I wonder if Cory was ever bullied for having red hair. If he was, then I can understand why he has an aversion to that word. Having been bullied myself, I know the terror and anxiety it instills. The labels become hurtful slurs.

Whether that’s why Cory doesn’t like being called ginger or not, it’s clear our Nuckname for him cannot contain that word. That leaves us with Jesus Bricks, which doesn’t have the same ring. So, I turned to Twitter for some suggestions. (Cue ominous organ music.)

@I_Need_Minions wondered if @jBowmancouver’s nickname for Cory Schneider — Redheaded Stopchild — might be preferable. While clever, I think this would definitely fall into the same category as Ginger Jesus and not be enjoyable for Cory.

@sedinitronic has a good suggestion: change “ginger” to “cinnamon” or “cinna.” So, Cory’s nickname would be transformed into Cinna-Bricks or Cinna-Jesus. Just think of the potential endorsement deals with Cinnabon®! I think this one has promise.

@CryxTofer calls Cory “Ginger Ninja,” which is cute, but alas, it contains the term that must not be enjoyed. Not only that, he compared Cory’s very stylish suit to … DON CHERRY? Oh honey. The difference between Cory Schneider and Don Cherry is like the difference between Tom Ford and Liberace drinking garcinia cambogia tea. It’s kind of a noticeable.

Then there’s Dennis Bernstein (@DennisTFP), who thinks Scott Oake should not have even asked my question. And in a later tweet said that the producer of After Hours should be fired for picking my question. Well, I never! What does Dennis Bernstein have against nickname questions anyway? (Pssst, Dennis. It’s Cory, not Corey.)

Okay, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to turn to Twitter for advice. So, my dearest readers, tell me in the comments below what YOU think Cory Schneider’s new Nuckname should be!

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A sassy gay Canucks fan who, when not swimming in his Fantasy Hockey Pool with Chris Higgins, Tyler Seguin and Gabe Landeskog, is making general mischief on Twitter: @GayCanuck
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11 Responses to Don’t Call Me Ginger Jesus

  1. Personally I call him Schnu (like Lu, geddit?), and it seems to me that he’s a bit averse to having a red hair-based nickname at all. How ’bout we stick with C-Wall? Or Schneiderman (does whatever a Schneider can)?

  2. I like ‘Schniederman’ but usually I just call him Cory. LOL

  3. those in my circle go with Schneiderman, catchy plus the playoff-anthem style theme song possibilities are built right in.

  4. ihodgepodge says:

    I must admit, I was one of the many who called him Gingerbricks. It was just so apt. Definitely never meant it in a derogatory manner. It was actually more of a term of endearment. Kinda sad he put the ixnay to that name.

    To be honest, C-Wall sounds so douchey. Might as well call him C-dawg or Schneidermeister or El Schneiderino. (hmmm.. the last one has a good ring to it though… *sighs*)

    I’m looking at Raggedy Cory, but looking at Raggedy Andy’s pics online, there’s nothing desirable about him. Can’t do Cory O’Brien albeit they both come from Boston, same red hair and that they somewhat possess the same sense of humor….

    Seriously, I need him to have a new name.

  5. dL says:

    Tom Schneider. As in Tom Brady. As in Lu Bledsoe. As in Roberto Luongo. Tom Schneider.

  6. David D says:

    Everyone knows that former Phillie and current Washington National Jayson Werth is Ginger Jesus.

  7. Sid says:

    dennis bernstein thinks the producer should’ve been fired for this? does dennis have a few screws loose? it’s a harmless nickname question

  8. Jenny says:

    As a redhead I can say we do not like to be called gingers.

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