Department of Homeland Insecurity

Ahead of the July 1 free agent deadline, we’re kicking off our Sasha WatchⓇ coverage (and plenty of panic and alarmism, too).

Sasha’s agent seems like a complete and utter tool, so we don’t listen to him. And since Sasha’s been hit in the head so many times by that gold medal, we’re not sure we trust what he says either – in any language.

So to make things simple for Semin fans worldwide (and the shadowy #SashaMafia), we’ve developed an easy-to-use system to track where things stand on any given day.

Caps fans know where we stand: Мы стоим с Сашей.

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One Response to Department of Homeland Insecurity

  1. Doug says:

    Sasha! Don’t Leave Us!

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