30 Clubs: 30 Questions

Now that the Stanley Cup has been awarded, we’ll look at questions facing each NHL Club heading into a potentially long off-season. A lot of questions will be answered in next week’s draft, and who knows what’s going to happen when the CBA expires on  September 15th. Is it October yet?

Anaheim: Is that roly-poly, f-bomb spewing Hitchcock look-alike the answer behind the bench? Will Flash, Ah-ah, save every one of us… one more time?

Boston: How will the Thomas hiatus hurt the Bs in-goal? How does Chiarelli resolve this?

Buffalo: Hockey Heaven beget a season in Hockey Hell. Does Reiger dare pitch a roster overhaul to Pegula? Is Derek Roy a core player? Tyler Myers regression, abnormality or new reality? Lieno… WTF?

Calgary: They tried going for it. Dare Calgary admit the jig is up and finally initiate a rebuild? Kipper would get a king’s ransom, Iggy would get two kings ransoms. Does Feaster have the cajones to pull the trigger?

Carolina: Can Cam Ward carry a team with so many deficiencies back to respectability?

Chicago: Is Kaner on the “Dwight Gooden” career path?Will Hossa recover?

Colorado: Is Matt Duchene going to become a truly elite player?

Columbus: Where will the Nash land? Will Howson somehow survive the fallout?

Dallas: The Neal trade, in hindsight, looks like a clear loss. Can some firepower be returned to big D’s lineup?

Detroit: Say it ain’t so, Nick? Who will replace number 5?

Edmonton: How do they trade back to 2 without letting Columbus get over? Who is the answer in net?

Florida: Can they sustain this success? How long is the window to compete until those veteran backloaded deals send Tallon to cap hell… again?

Los Angeles: Congrats to the Champs. Is Bernier dealt to re-stock the system? Where is Trent Hunter?

Minnesota: The state of hockey is in a state of disarray. Where can this team plug holes in a fiscally responsible manner?

Montreal: Where does this team find an identity? Will there be an amnesty buyout?

Nashville: How does this team recover if Suter moves on?

New Jersey: Nice effort, guys. Is this the last time we see Captain Zack and the chin(s), Uncle Daddy Marty?

New York Islanders: Can they land an FA with a pulse? Is Parenteau gone? Will they gain any traction on an arena deal?

New York Rangers: Why does Marian Gaborik disappear every postseason? Is there a plan for life after the 30 y/o (and UFA in 2 years) King?

Ottawa: Can they duplicate this years improbable success?

Philadelphia: Is anyone able to replace Matt Carle if he leaves? Does Holmgren know how to deal with the post-Pronger reality as far as team leadership?

Phoenix: Are they long for the desert? Can the stingy Coyotes lock up Doan and Smith?

Pittsburgh: Is Sid the Kid finally healthy? Can someone teach him to grow a moustache? Is this the return to the mean for MAF? If so, can Pittsburgh compete with him at this level?

San Jose: Have the Sharks seen their last shot as a true contender pass them by with this core?

St. Louis: With off ice issues resolved, How does this team take the next step? Are they players in UFA market?

Tampa Bay: With all the smooth moves Yzerman has made, Smith still may be the one that got away. Is there a way to rectify this? Is there a quick fix on D in time to compete with Vinny and Marty still there?

Toronto: Who, exactly, is the answer in net? Can this team’s abysmal defense be righted?

Washington: Will Semin return? Is Holtbeast the man? Who will patrol the bench?

Winnipeg: The Honeymoon is over. How can this team be made to compete, and soon, before the fans expect better?

Vancouver: Is there any return for Luongo that will satisfy the riotous Canucks fan base? What do they do to shake the label of Canada’s Sharks: Fierce regular season, Soft post season?

About RoseTintedVisor

RoseTintedVisor ( thats @RoseTintedVisor on Twitter for the newbs) is the nom de plume of moi, Vinny Piccolo. Park Ranger/ Grad Student (History) by day, token gay hockey player & blogger (devotee of the NYI) by night. In my spare time, I hit the ice on LI as a grinder and general irritant with a penchant for crosschecks and trashtalk. I also fancy comic books, wrestling, history, political discussion, particularly LGBT & Environmental Issues . Addtl interests include Miami Dolphins Football, Atlanta Braves Baseball, & The Florida Panthers.
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2 Responses to 30 Clubs: 30 Questions

  1. I wasn’t really aware that a team that makes it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals is a “soft post season” team. Yes, there have been early exits for the Canucks, but if you look at who eliminates them, it’s not some fluke happening. ’07, eliminated by Ducks, who won the Cup. ’08, missed playoffs. ’09, eliminated by Chicago in Western semifinals, who then lost to Cup champs Detroit. ’10, eliminated by Chicago, who won the Cup. ’11, eliminated by Cup champs Boston in SCF. ’12, eliminated by Kings, who won the Cup. It’s not like the Canucks are consistently losing to teams who end their season by elimination from playoffs in the next round (the only one being Chicago in ’09). Do the Canucks need to win more in the post-season, absolutely. But that does not make them a “soft” team. Not by any means.

    • Soft isn’t a reflection of record. It’s character. They ae a finesse team and not overly physical. You wanna hist the Cup you need guys that take the body interspersed throughout the lineup. Canucks fans are sensitive to it… because its true. Lineup needs snarl, desperately.

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