Carpet Bombed

We want to be all-around Caps fans by supporting the team, the larger community and if we can, the sponsors who help bring the games to Verizon and Comcast.  We consider ourselves pretty savvy consumers and on a number of occasions have engaged some of the companies and services that advertise in arena and on TV. Luckily, we’ve had no need for American Pest.

A couple weeks ago, we gave a tryout to one of our favorite CSN sponsors, Hadeed Carpet.  They’re everyone’s favorite, we bet.

After all, who doesn’t love those Bruce Boudreau and John Carlson TV spots that run during every game on CSN, and their sponsorship of Locker’s “Road Ahead?”

Although Greyhounds are among the cleanest and most hypo-allergenic of breeds, our 82 pounds beast, Biscuit nee Uma, can occasionally leave a trail of fur, mud and the like around the house. The wall-to-wall carpets in the mancave needed good carpet cleaning services and so did a couple of vintage mid-century sofas in the living room. The hound lazes about on those, too, as if she owns the place. We’ve had her since January and enough doggie detritus had accumulated to warrant a thorough cleaning of the joint, so we gave the guys at TidyTn a call.

Two really nice guys, Henock and Mesfun, rolled up in the Hadeedmobile right on time for the appointment, and as luck would have it, found a parking space right in front of the house. That never happens to us. Ever. These guys are pros. They went to work immediately, hooking up the water supply to the powerful, onboard Hadeed-a-matic contraption that powered the steam cleaners, toting in the hoses and hardware for the job. They surveyed the space and went at it. And they even let me wear a pair of those cool blue booties!

Biscuit isn’t used to many daytime visitors so it was a special treat for her. She perched herself on another sofa to supervise the work. Henock and Mesfun blew through the house, the basement carpet, two sets of stairs and the two sofas. Everything looked great; it was like the house was cleaned by the world’s best carpet Zamboni.They were great with the dog, and just as important, were great with the goofball in the blue booties who talked incessantly about ice hockey on a 95 degree Washington day.

I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without asking them about those whacky but lovable Hadeed commercials. Both guys are familiar with the TV spots and we all had a good laugh, mostly at Bruce Boudreau’s expense.

Apparently we weren’t their only customers who prattle on and on about hockey. They’re moderate fans of the game, more into soccer it seems, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them at Verizon next season. 

As far as other Caps sponsors, there are two we’re not so thrilled with. We’ll do Papa Johns at Verizon for a nosh if the line for the chicken tenders is too long, and as far as Chipotle, meh. Maybe we’ll change our minds if Slap Shot or the Red Rockers happen to aim their burrito cannon at us sometime next season. (Hint: 406 Row K, extra salsa, please). Make it four, we’re bringing Henock and Mesfun. They dug our Locker and Brooksie sweaters.

Everything is spotless and the Hound approves. And she loves her new blue booties.


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One Response to Carpet Bombed

  1. Doug says:

    The Hound approves of the carpet. The booties, however, are a different story.

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