Hendy Can Play

There is nothing better to do on a long lunch break than flee the bright lights and big city that is K Street, and to hump it across the river to Ballston to take in a Caps skate. We figured we might be running out of opportunities to see the these guys before the lockout, so we made the short trip.

Speaking of the lockout, don’t even ask us how we plan to waste bandwidth file copy during it. To be honest, we’ve ramped up the staff with additional writers and we’ll do our best to continue cranking out the shenanigoats and tomfoolery insightful analysis and commentary that we’re known for. It’s our first lockout. We’re scared. Someone, please hold us!

Kettler was empty save for a few souls in the stands and in the press box, but it was a good turnout on the ice: Greenie (looking scruffy), Nicky, Neuvy, MoJo (in goalie pads?), Carlson (with flow in tow), Erskine, Dima, Chimdog, and some new guys who we still have a hard time ID’ing. We’ll get to know those guys soon enough – sooner if the the warring factions in NYC get their collective (bargaining) acts together.

But the guy we really wanted to see on has been a favorite of ours – and certainly with countless other Caps fans, Matt Hendricks.

We learned a couple of months back that Hendy taped a PSA for You Can Play. Tuesday morning, the video was released. It was especially heartening to see team management throw their weight behind YCP by promoting it on the Caps website and across the other team channels.

We’re cool that the Post scooped on this. No, really, we’re cool. Those torched and trashed WaPo news boxes all up and down K street this afternoon? Not our doing.

Actually, Barry did a great job on the story and it was just the kind of wake up call we love to have on a Tuesday morning. Just when we thought we couldn’t be more proud of our team, a great player like Matt Hendricks steps up huge for a great effort, with the team standing up behind him. Serious pride. Not gay pride; it’s bigger than that. #hendypride #capspride #forever.

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