Male Bag: Agony Uncles

Our mail bag has been stuffed lately. Well, maybe not so much, but we like any sentence with male and stuffed in it. Once we cleared out all the hater mail, threats from bail bondsmen and letters with a strange white powdery substance, we’ve been seeing lots of questions about our dear Capitals. As in: wtf?

But we confess, these poor lost souls seem to be looking for more than just our usual brilliant analysis. They sound lost, a little lonely, sometimes even heart broken. They want more than answers, they want someone to hear their private sorrows.

There’s a term for two old gay men who answer letters from lonely-hearts: agony uncles. Caps fans: we feel your pain.

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8 Responses to Male Bag: Agony Uncles

  1. hahahahahaaha

    love the Home Movies btw

  2. Jessica Hughes says:

    Best part of my morning, thanks Puck Buddys! Go Caps!

  3. Thanks Jessica; thanks Strings! Now let’s hope for an even better evening!

  4. operahockeyguy says:

    Was that Lillian Gish?

  5. Woody Bass says:

    Lol agony uncles and smartasses… but u know I love it

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