Lost Weekend

We came back from 3 goals down against the Bruins and had a nice little streak going… Was supposed to be a turning point… things looked up… Heading into last (lost) weekend, we’d continue righting the ship… Pick off the Isles, deal with the Rangers. But no.

This team is leading this teetotaler to drink. And not in the good, social way, but in the angry, mean drunk way. The Isles game was a heartbreaker, Nicky ties it up, we could put those chumps away, then bad boy Mike goes wrong. DRINK!  The Rangers were starting Biron, we showed some spark, then everything went wrong. DRINK!

A Lost Weekend, all right. Old time Hollywood… the gays love that… Ray Milland, Jane Wyman and Billy Wilder helming… Four Oscars. Drunken depravity made possible by a team that can’t get their heads and asses wired together. Lost Weekend. Lost Season?










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2 Responses to Lost Weekend

  1. mackinthebox says:

    Imagine what it’s like being a Sabres fan.

  2. Doug says:

    This is all true. Just reverse Craig and Doug.

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