Penguins Free Agency: Are You Happy Now, Boston?

Ever topical, the PuckBuddys crew takes a look at how their individual teams fared during the recent free agent frenzy. Today: the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The theme of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 2013 free agency: Let’s make Boston feel better about losing the Stanley Cup.

As if the Penguins didn’t already give Boston whatever they wanted in the Eastern Conference final, the Penguins handed over Jarome Iginla and finally got rid of Matt Cooke. The Bruins wanted Iginla from the beginning, and well, we all know how Bruins fans felt about Cooke.

That said, the Penguins had a pretty successful free agency. Nobody could have honestly expected Iginla to stick around. He was a rental player, and everyone knew it. It’s a shame the Pens couldn’t get him a Cup, but life goes on.

IfImage and video hosting by TinyPic you ask any average hockey fan that watched the playoffs what the Penguins’ biggest weakness was (besides Marc-Andre Fleury) everyone would say defense.

So what does Ray Shero do? He brings back Rob Scuderi. Scuds was idolized by fans during the 2009 Stanley Cup Run. Heck, he basically single-handedly saved Game 6 to force Game 7 in Detroit. And Pens fans were rooting for LA last year because of him. (Well, and Pens fans just really wanted New Jersey to lose). And just look at him: the man can rock a beard.

Also, the Pens re-signed some of the key parts of what made their regular season so successful – Pascal Dupuis and Craig Adams. Dupuis lit it up on offense playing alongside Sidney Crosby this year, and Adams helped the Penguins maintain one of the best penalty kills.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shero also made sure Pens fans would have a great head of hair to ogle for another eight years. Sure, Kris Letang had a rough postseason, but you don’t get nominated for the Norris Trophy if you don’t have potential. Perhaps he just needs a guy like Scuderi to help settle him down in his own zone.

Two questions remain for the Penguins, though. First, which defensemen gets left out of the picture now that they have Scuderi? (Answer: Matt Niskanen) And Second, who can replace Matt Cooke on both the penalty kill and the other teams’ nerves? (Answer: I have no idea).

In Shero we trust.

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