Face Off

Face Off Kyle bookEditor’s Note: Jeff Adams, due out with his hockey romance book soon, isn’t the only author in the stable. Kyle tried his hand at publishing recently and is the author of a short story that’s available for download on Amazon. Face Off is a tender story about a budding romance between two high school hockey players, Steven and Jake. Spoiler: Steven’s boxers end up coming off. )))))

This was Kyle first stab at writing fiction but he was kicking around the idea for some time. While the characters are not based on guys he knows, he thinks many will be able to relate to it. Kyle said we may not have heard the last of Steven and Jake. An excerpt follows. Buy it here! Follow Kyle on twitter here!

They walked down the hallway to the empty dressing room. Jake made eye contact with Steven for the first time since yesterday. But looking at Steven he saw a different guy. He never felt this way toward Steven before. He just wanted to hold him, to feel his body against his. Steven began, “Look I think you’re incredibly attractive, but I know your’re not ready to come out so we can go back to being friends if you want. I don’t want to lose my best friend.”

Jake looked at Steven perplexed, “I… there’s no reason we cannot…” he stopped, “Steven I have a question.” “Ok,” Steven replied. “Do you want to kiss me?” Jake asked. “… I do,” Steven said. Jake heard all he needed to hear. He kissed Steven, and it just felt so right, they kept on kissing until the bell rang. “I’m sorry about yesterday,” Jake said, “I freaked out at you for no reason.” Steven replied,” No, you had a reason, actually kissing a guy for the first time is a bit unnerving. I was scared.” “Were you scared just now?” Jake asked holding his hand. “No that time it was easier,” Steven said. They both left the change room let go of each other’s hands, and went their separate ways to class.

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